A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

At the Werewolf Hospital, you're a doctor who works to help patients live with their werewolf-ism until a cure can be found. Part of this means giving them a special shot before a full moon to keep them from transforming. Normally, your diligent partner, Dr. Hammond, takes care of this, but on this one fateful night, you hear a frightening howl and realize that all the patients have transformed into werewolves and are roaming around the hospital! It's up to you to sneakily put them all to sleep so they don't hurt anyone.

Update: Implemented a save-game system, and the Esc key now brings up a dialogue asking if you want to quit, rather than just killing the program. Increased the outline around in-level text to make it easier to read.

Update: WASD movement added (arrow keys still work, too). "Sedate" action now uses "SPACE" key instead of "Z" to be more compatible with both movement options.

This is my first jam game and first game on Itch. Any feedback would be appreciated!


Updated 7 days ago
Published 14 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorCal Jepso
Tags2D, Horror, My First Game Jam, Short, Stealth, Survival Horror, Top-Down

Install instructions

Windows: unpack .zip and run .exe (make sure .pck is in the same location as the .exe so it can find it)

Linux: download and run

Mac: I think there should be a .app or something in the .zip? I'm not a Mac user, so please let me know if this one doesn't work.


WerewolfHospital(Windows).zip 20 MB
WerewolfHospital.x86_64 72 MB
WerewolfHospital(Mac).zip 24 MB


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For your first game this is really good. Its a really simple concept but really fun. The first few levels were easy, but by around the 6th and 7th level, the difficulty really steps up and it becomes quite a challenging little game and also frustrating!!! In a "I NEED TO COMPLETE THIS" kinda way. My only issues are the "esc" key quits the game entirely, and if you do that, you cant load up your levels on the select level menu which means you have to start again. Some werewolves I was able to put to sleep when I was in-front of them. But nonetheless, A good way to spend 30 mins to an hour on.

Thanks for the feedback! It's awesome to see someone really get into my game  Yeah, I'm going to see if I can figure out the whole save game/load game thing in Godot.

honestly it's great, i'm going to go back and see if I can speed run it with no deaths.